The Most Common Side Effects Of Using Propecia

Let's look at the common side effects that might occur using Propecia

Propecia is a very effective drug. But does come with some side effects that you may not know about.

Let’s go through some of them.

1. Loss of interest in having sex

When using propecia you might experience having a deep loss in your sex drive. You may also experience impotence or having trouble with your orgasm.

This may occur by exceeding the dosage or usage requirements labeled in your subscription.

2. Abnormal Ejaculation

As this is related to the first side effect of a loss in your interest of sex, you might also experience abnormal ejaculations.

There was an experiment that took place. Where half a group was given propecia and the other half was given a placebo.

The group that took the placebo was prone to ejaculate more than those that took propecia.

3. Swelling In The Hands And Feet

Another potential side effect of using Propecia, may cause your hands and feet to swell. You may feel your hands and feet become more tender and sensitive.

You may also experience swelling or tenderness in your breasts as a side effect.

4. Weakness or Dizziness

Weakness and dizziness is one of the side effects of using Propecia. Many who use it claim to constantly feel weak, and feeling that they might pass out due to a lack of energy.

Many have been able to counter act this feeling by using a supplement aid called Hiprolean X-S.

I first heard of Hiprolean X-S here - - a site dedicated to reviewing diet supplements.

This aid is used to provide you with more energy so that you are more active during the day, primarily used to help with weight loss, its high caffeine content helps with weakness and fatigue.

5. Headaches

Due to many users who feel weak and dizzy a common side effect of this results to many users experiencing headaches.

Many have claimed to feel light headed once taking propecia.

6. Skin Rashes

People who are commonly more sensitive to such extreme medication may experience an outbreak of rashes.

This is not very common among oust most users. Only experienced by those who may be allergic to the medication.

If rashes begin to occur it is advised that you see your doctor immediately.


Well that’s just some of the side effects of using Propecia. If you wish to know more and want to ask me any more questions on the subject; don’t be afraid to ask me.

What Are The Benefits Of Using HGH

What The Bodybuilding Industry Is Not Telling You !

When you’re working out and trying to get that ripped toned body, many athletes and body builders including normal gym people use HGH in order to get that massive toned look. It is used more often than you think. Using HGH gives your body that extra boost increasing your energy and testosterone in order to rapidly increase your body mass and muscle tone.

Many people think or have the illusion that using HGH is terrible for you. They equate using HGH to using Steroids. Which is completely not true, they both work in completely different ways.

So I’m here to educate all the masses who wish to know more about HGH and how it can help you achieve your body goals and so on. So first let me tell you what are some of the benefits of using HGH.


HGH Produces More Energy

When you’re working out you need that extra energy in order to push your workout to the next level. When you’re working out and you want to go to the next level but you don’t have the energy HGH will boost your energy level so you can go on for longer during your workout.

This is a great fantastic resource that will increase your energy level and relieve your muscles of all the stress so you can pump those weights for longer so you can achieve greater results. But using HGH for energy can be very expensive.

Instead of using HGH for energy I use zotrim. It is an energy supplement pills that will double your energy levels and is for less the cost. If you want to learn more visit

HGH Increases Body’s Metabolism

Your Body’s metabolism is one of the most important factors in order to lose weight and convert your body’s fat into energy. This will help decrease your body fat percentage and make you look more ripped than ever. But with age your metabolism beings to slow down. As you can tell with older age it is much harder to lose weight and grow muscle. Research has shown that using HGH will help increase your body’s metabolism.    

HGH Promotes And Increases The Synthesis Of New Protein Tissues

Ok this might sound very confusing but just wait and let me explain this in the simplest way possible. Basically when using HGH and working out it can be used to increase muscle recovery and repair. This is the way new muscle is built. So this will increase muscle growth and strength and this will help you reach your goals at a much quicker rate.

 Other Benefits

  • Improves the quality and duration of heart and kidneys.
  • It builds stronger bones.
  • It may improve sexual performance.
  • It improves the sleeping pattern.

Hopefully if you read this article you can get some sense of how HGH can help you reach you goals. It Is one of the most effective and safe ways to increase your body’s metabolism so you burn more and get great results.