Things that you need to know about propecia

Male pattern baldness is a headache for millions of men of different nationalities, age and occupation. Genetics is usually the one to blame for this problem and the first signs of hair loss can show even by the age of thirty. More commonly baldness starts a bit later, usually at the age of fifty or sixty. The characteristic of androgenetic alopecia is receding hairline on the scalp. Regular hair fall is a cycle where fallen hair is replaced by the new one, but if a hair is not replaced then you are dealing with boldness.

Today we have a situation where we can find many various drugs that deal with the problem of hair loss. One can easily find oneself trapped in a crowd of “wonder” drugs having hard time to decide which one to take. Luckily there is one medicine that holds the leading position and beats the competition by far in treating hair loss. The name of this medicine is Propecia it is very popular for so many reasons. Why is it so? Well, the answer is rather simple. It is because of the magnificent results it has shown in fighting the problem of male boldness. Yes, that’s the whole point. When you make a product that is so effective, no other product can reach its popularity no matter how much they advertise it.

After extensive clinical studies of Propecia the results were so impressive that nine out of ten men using it showed signs of great improvement. The hair loss slowed down, new hair started growing and it became thicker. The first results started showing after six months of therapy with Propecia. What causes boldness is a male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It can be found in the scalp and it affects hair follicles that are responsible for producing hair. Because of DHT follicles shrink and after some time they completely close so there is no possibility for new hair to grow. This is where Propecia comes to the rescue. It restricts DHT levels in the scalp and makes it possible for follicles to produce hair. Another important thing is that after two years of regular intake of Propecia 99% of men reported that they have maintained the satisfactory results. Having in mind all this it is quite clear why this medicine is so popular.

The US Food and Drug Administration, also known as FDA, gave its approval to the manufacturer of Propecia in 1997. After fifteen years of being used by men all over the world there have been no serious adverse effects reported. This fact confirms safety of the drug. Actually there is less than two percent chance of enduring adverse effects. However, there have been extremely rare reports on side effects such as decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction or decreased amount of semen. Once again, these are very rare and are not likely to happen. If they do show up, the good news is that they disappear when the therapy is ended.

Propecia and hair loss

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